The main request of the customer was to arrange a funtional working area .We created a single piece of furniture forming a functional working area that includes a shelving wall.

The central design idea behind the transformation of the office was to keep the scale, transparency and lightness in place and to connect the working space. Therefore the central element was designed as a piece of furniture; that provides an unique working space and at the same time divides, connects and provides privacy.

In a single continuous gesture, a wooden element with the multi function of working space, wall, and shelver.

Client: XAGA Agency                                                                                                                 Sup: 60m2                                                                                                                         Location: Barcelona, Spain

The details are not the the details, they make the design

                                                                              Charles Eames

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Arquikids creates educational programmes & activities related to architecture and built environment for young people and children. We create situations that will lead children to experience and experiment with architecture themselves. Workshops / installations / trips / hand on activities / visits

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