Location: Vennice, italy
Client: Biennale di Vennecia Austrian pavilion
Scope: Lecture and workhosp on the International Symposium “Get involved” at Venice Biennale 2012.

Arquikids was invited by the Austrian pavilion to participate on the International Symposium “Get involved” at Venice Biennale 2012. The goal was to show to the different participants, how Arquikids develops different kind of ways of experiencing Architecture for kids and teenagers (Architectural Education). The workshop started with a brief introduction of the association and presented the starting point: OUR CITIES an international educational co-operation program in which groups of children from different countries around the world join the same project in order to exchange their knowledge and learn about a new country and culture. The aim of the project is to promote an open exchange of cultures and mutual understanding between different countries around the world.



For the participants were proposed 2 practical exercises but both served as an example on how to explore architecture can be fun and interesting at the same time for kids.
The first exercise, they had to choose a place or building of their town that was important and dear to them, and then they would have to draw/ construct with a paper bag. Once it was finished, they would have to wear this creation on the head and explain to the group why the importance of their own choice.

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The second exercise, the group was divided in two and they were given a white plastic sheet and 30 wooden pieces each. First they had to settle up the wooden pieces on the sheet like it was an imaginary city, the way they wanted and with no rules (we came to the conclusion that a city can not be developed with no planning). Afterwards, they were asked to build a new city with assumptions that for them were primal and needed. We all then, discuss the 2 types of city created by the 2 different groups and compare with the city they had previously built.

A workshop to play, to discover and to exchange ideas. We tried to present ways and forms to experiment and explore Architecture, in order for these participants (adults) could see how to develop ways to explain to young people.


Arquikids creates educational programmes & activities related to architecture and built environment for young people and children. We create situations that will lead children to experience and experiment with architecture themselves. Workshops / installations / trips / hand on activities / visits

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