Arquikids is an organization that creates and offers workshops and projects related to architecture and urban education for young people and children.


The aim of the Arquikids organization is to promote architecture education in order to enable children to fully discover and enjoy their built environment and architecture, to help to understand the impact and meaning of architecture to man and to help understand everybody’s joint responsibility of the environment.

The idea is not to get children”playing at being architects”, rather it is to offer them access to the different delights and possibilities that architecture, design and the city may offer them.

Playfull learning

Learning occurs through play and carefully planned project work. Play is the means by which children explore the world and learn naturally. A playful approach enables children to use their inborn imagination and to utilize their natural spontaneity. This contributes to the development of creativity and spatial thought processes. Experiencing success is a crucial element in all learning. Succeeding encourages one to explore the subject further.

Learnig by doing

Arquikids creates situations that will lead young people to experience and experiment with architecture themselves.