En relación al taller  RE INVENTAR LA VIVIENDA realizado en CASA ENCENDIDA ,Madrid

Hemos recibido felicitaciones del Arquitecto Shigeru Ban para todos nuestros creativos participantes

Muchas gracias por el detalle!


Dear Solange Espoille,

I am very happy to see the photos you sent me. It seems that your children are enjoying so much building my design. They are more creative than one I built.
Please sent my special regard to your kinds.
I hope one of them will become an architects and work for me in future.

Warm Regards,

Shigeru Ban

Posted by:Our cities

To promotes a cultural exchange, making new connections and defining new approaches between amassing cities. This cultural and architectural exchange will definitely open a new “door” to raise doubts, questions but also clarify us about the similarities that were perceived by the children. Design education helps to make the environment visible to the public, and it’s a wonderful and innovate learning tool for children. On this workshop, teaching is not an instruction. It’s not about providing information and explanation. It is about “learning by doing” and motivating students in order to get involved. What makes it so much fun to learn, and teach, is that it is experiential.

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