Gracias al apoyo del ICUB Instituo de Cultura de Barcelona &  CENTRO  CIVIC CAN FELIPA

Podremos realizar  Xpacios Y niños  ,un taller de arquitectura para descubrir  y experimentar con la arquitectura

El próximo 3 de Julio

Centre Civic Can felipa C/ Pallars Nº 277 Poble Nou Metro Poblenou
Entrada gratuita

NO TE LO PIERDAS! Los esperamos a todos!


Arquikids creates educational programmes & activities related to architecture and built environment for young people and children. We create situations that will lead children to experience and experiment with architecture themselves. Workshops / installations / trips / hand on activities / visits

12 replies on “Taller arquikids en Centre Civic Can Felipa

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  4. Yep!! Specially on the second day up to dead woman’s pass or whvateer its called! Definition of torture! Plus I had a cold. Pictures are amazing though looks like you guys had a really awesome time. Not jealous in the slightest!


  5. Deberian poner fuentes y autor de la hisoirta ya que esta extraida de un libro donde figuran relatos de mitos y leyendas por barrio de la capital federal… No digo mas para no ser tan alcahuete… pero siempre hay que darle el merito a quien hizo no a quien publicf3…Saludos!!


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